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Writers Inspiring Writers: Inside a Writer’s Salon

By Amy Sexton, Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor

The Writers’ Salon Series is a Kaplan University Center for Teaching and Learning event that helps to foster a community of writers.  I was excited when the Center for Teaching and Learning asked me to take the lead on hosting and planning the Writers’ Salon Series and invite writers and readers across the university to meet and share works from their favorite authors or their own works.


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Like many educators, I have always found writing inspiration in the works of my favorite authors.   As a child, I fancied that I would grow up to write stories with strong female protagonists like Laura Ingalls Wilder.   After studying sonnets in my college Shakespeare literature class, I tried my hand at crafting fourteen lines of iambic pentameter, with less than Shakespearian –like results, of course.  The point, however, is that the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder and  William Shakespeare, like Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Charlotte Bronte, Maya Angelou, and countless  others, inspire me to write.

I was similarly inspired when I attended a couple of Writers’ Salon Series meetings in recent years.   As I listened to other faculty members sharing favorite works from others or reading their own work, I found new inspiring authors.  Most importantly, hearing from other professors and faculty who were writing and publishing helped me realize that I, too, could find the time and motivation to write.  People just like me – colleagues, writing center tutors, and professors – were writing and publishing; surely, I could too!

Now as I plan for our meetings in 2014, I look forward to even more inspiration and hopefully rekindling my own creative writing through my work with this series.  This year, we are also inviting faculty and staff to lead participants in an interactive writing activity at each meeting.   This writing component is a new addition designed to give participants an opportunity for deliberate, focused writing and to spark creativity. What are some ways that you inspire and promote faculty writing and help create communities of writers on your campus?


Help Name the Kaplan University Literary Journal

Kaplan University's New Literary Journal Needs a Name!

Kaplan University's New Literary Journal Needs a Name!

“Seize control of your splendid language. Work your alchemical mumbo jumbo. Mix up your slang. Blow your innumerable horns. Play with feeling.”

-Rick Moody

I wrote this quote on an index card when I was an undergraduate journalism and anthropology student at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the late 1990s. At the time (and still today), I loved what writer Rick Moody had to say about writing and its role in self-expression and creativity.

In fact, earlier this week I rediscovered this quote tucked away in a book as I was dusting the bookcases in my office (antiquated pieces of furniture as they may be … I know so many of you read books nowadays on Kindles, Nooks, and Crannies).

Reading, as many of us know, is essential to effective writing and clear thinking. And I’m very excited to announce that Kaplan University is creating an online literary magazine to showcase excellent poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from thoughtful, creative writers.

Here’s the really fun part, though: This new literary venture needs a name.

You have until tomorrow, Friday, September 30th, to email your title suggestions to literaryjournal[at]kaplan[dot]edu. For more information about this contest, please click here.

Michaella Hammond